Book Submissions

If you would like to submit a publishing proposal to us, please first familiarise yourself with the publishing options outlined here and then provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact info: email address, postal address and telephone number.
  • A brief, one paragraph biography of yourself and details of any previously published work.
  • A short one-para summary of the subject or theme of your project, similar to a cover blurb.
  • Genre, intended age group and/or target audience for your project.
  • Total word extent of your book or project and/or envisaged total number of pages.
  • Number of illustrations and type (photos, drawings, graphs etc.), and whether you are originating these yourself. If not, what is/are the sources?
  • Are there any existing book title(s) that you see as comparable to yours? If so, please list.

Please note: We are not currently accepting children’s picture book submissions.

Copy these questions and your responses and send them to us by email. We will acknowledge receipt but please note that depending on other enquiries and current workload we may not get back to you for some time, possibly several weeks, so please be patient.

Please also note that hard copy submissions will not be accepted, acknowledged or returned. And please don’t send us links to file transfer or cloud document services. We won’t open them.