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As a father and daughter team grounded in almost fifty years of combined industry experience, we enjoy working with authors and creators who value a professional approach to book production and the overall publishing process.

We advocate the equitable (re)distribution of knowledge, agency, and abundance; and the amplification of underrepresented and marginalised voices. What does this mean? Well, we understand the sacrifices you’ve made in writing your book – the time and energy and believe that socio-economic barriers shouldn’t stop your book reaching the world. At Radiate, the books we publish are like joint projects, and we undertake an egalitarian profit arrangement, with no financial outlay for the author.

You bring your vision, voice, and content.

We bring the production processes and expertise.

It’s the closest thing to mutual aid whilst operating in a for-profit industry marked by the homogenised choices of conglomerate global publishers! We embrace the beauty of being small, independent and collaborative.

Meet Andrew

Born in Melbourne and educated in Scotland and London, Andrew began his career in publishing at the British government publisher (HMSO) where he was responsible for the publishing programs of a group of UK government departments and agencies. After returning to Australia he worked for Pearson Education (part of the Penguin group) and Melbourne University Press where he was in charge of the production and editorial departments and deputy chief executive. On leaving MUP Andrew founded and led Melbourne Publishing Group through its start-up phase before opting to concentrate on consultancy and freelance work. He has lectured on creative writing, editing and book production at RMIT, Monash University and Chisholm TAFE. He is the author of the forthcoming Cover to Cover, a comprehensive guide to self-publishing in Australia.

Meet Beth

Born in the UK and educated in Melbourne, Elisabeth’s early career included employment with trade and academic publishing companies, including the Australian branch of multinational publisher Taylor & Francis, followed by freelance book and website design work. She founded her own multifaceted e-commerce enterprise in 2010 and over the last decade has built an extensive body of knowledge and expertise in digital and social media marketing. Her current particular interests include mental health advocacy, and alternative socio-economic paradigms. She and her husband are raising two young daughters in coastal Victoria. She is the author of a forthcoming publication exploring her experience of healing advanced breast cancer.

Our umbrella specialisation is cultural studies and social change. This compasses a range of non-fiction and memoir genres including social justice and anti-bias, creative arts and design, economics, environmentalism, holistic living, mental health, permaculture and sustainability, politics, spirituality, and travel.

Full details regarding manuscript submission can be found here.