Cover to Cover

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to publishing your own book in Australia. Expert advice on concepts, writing, design, production (print and e-book), sales and marketing. Self-publishing made easy.

By Andrew Watson
Paperback, 186pp, 229x152mm
Print edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-3-6 $29.95  From bookshops everywhere (inc. online) or order here
E-book (EPUB) edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-4-3 $19.95  Order here



Honest Motherhood

Words of comfort and musings into motherhood

By Nikki Smith
Paperback, 170pp, 234x156mm
Print edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-5-0  $28.95  From bookshops (inc. online) everywhere or order here
E-book (PDF) edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-6-7 c. $13.95  Order here 




Future Kind

How do we raise a generation which will bring about significant positive change in our world? And how do we effectively equip them to handle these changes, including the potential chaos they may encounter during this period of global transition?

A unique mix of Australian academics, social commentators, educators, psychologists and writers address these questions with their own style and area of expertise. This eclectic collection of essays features themes of climate action, social justice, mental health, empathy, innovation, and sacred activism, in the context of parenting, educating, and nurturing the new generation.


Robin Grille on ‘connection is resilience’
Nelly Thomas on ‘feelings can be wrong’
Ricci-Jane Adams on intuitive intelligence
Phobe Mwanza on activism and allyship
Naomi Kissiedu on teaching awareness
Brigitte Kupfer on (r)evolutionary trust
Anna Lidstone on creativity and innovation
Susie Burke & Ann Sanson on realities of climate change
Marilou Coombe on leadership qualities
Andrew Lines on responsibility parenting
Rachel Forgasz on developing climate consciousness
Heidi Edmonds on parenting while saving the world
Larissa Behrendt on indigenous perspectives
Melinda Bito on connections with nature

Edited by Elisabeth Johnson
Paperback, 192pp, 235x154mm
Print edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-0-5 $29.95 From bookshops everywhere (inc. online) or order here
E-book (PDF) edition: ISBN 978-0-6487055-1-2 $12.95  Order here
E-book (EPUB) edition: I
SBN 978-0-6487055-2-9  $12.95  Available in the Apple Books store (iBooks) or Amazon Kindle




Suki, The Little Alchemist

A whimsical story about Suki,The Little Alchemist, who meets some herbal fairy queens in The Whispering Woods where she is entrusted with their herbal knowledge. Suitable for pre-school to early primary children.

By Laura A’Belle with illustrations by Giselle Vlas
Published by Harriet Herbery, 2018
Hardback children’s picture book, 30pp
ISBN 978-0-6481837-0-9 $24.95  Order