Publication: 18 November 2019

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How do we raise a generation who will bring about significant positive change in our world?

And how do we effectively equip them to handle these changes, including the potential chaos they may encounter during this period of global transition?

In Future Kind, a unique mix of academics, social commentators, educators, psychologists and writers address these questions with their own style and area of expertise. This eclectic collection of essays features themes of climate action, social justice, mental health, empathy, innovation, and sacred activism, in the context of parenting, educating, and nurturing the new generation.

Practical guidance, personal reflection, and cultural critique; this anthology offers food for the mind and soul of parents, educators, and anyone who cares about positively impacting our emerging collective story.



Ricci Jane Adams on intuitive intelligence

Ricci-Jane Adams is the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and the author of bestselling Spiritually Fierce, the formula for an activated intuition. She has a PhD from the University of Melbourne, and has spent more than 25 years devoted to her spiritual awakening. She is also a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor.

Larissa Behrendt on Indigenous perspectives

Larissa Behrendt is a Eualeyai/Kamillaroi woman. She is the Professor of Law and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney. Prof. Behrendt is admitted to the Supreme Court of the ACT and NSW as a barrister and is a member of a number of boards. She is the author of several books on Indigenous legal issues, was named as 2009 NAIDOC Person of the Year, and received an Order of Australia in 2020.

Melinda Bito on connection with nature

Melinda Bito is the founder of Eco Explorers and Australia’s first eco toy store and has been a huge advocate of sustainability, child-led play and learning for over 12 years. Before having kids she worked in Africa with orphaned chimpanzees and as an advocate for endangered wildlife. 

Susie Burke & Ann Sanson on coping with climate change

Susie Burke is a psychologist, writer, climate change campaigner and parent, currently working in private practice in Castlemaine, Victoria, and raising bike riders, school strikers and fruit trees. She has a PhD in psychology and is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. Susie is author of the Climate Change Empowerment Handbook and other articles and resources on the psychology of climate change.

Ann Sanson’s academic research has mainly focused on understanding the role of child, family and community characteristics for healthy child and adolescent development. Her current focus is on the impacts of the climate crisis on children and youth and how to best support parents and young people in dealing with it.

Marilou Coombe on leadership qualities in children

Marilou Coombe is a coach, mentor, author, yoga teacher, and workshop and retreat facilitator. Born in Lebanon, Marilou moved to Australia aged 10-years-old without speaking English, which had a lasting impact on building her resilience and creating the life that she now lives. Being the mother of two ‘divine’ energetic young boys has been her big defining moment of change in taking action to have a more fulfilling life, and she is passionate about helping families achieve the same. Marilou has a bachelor’s degree in social science, a Certificate IV in training, and coaching training including NLP, and enjoys working on mindset and gaining clarity about all aspects concerning mind, body and soul.

Heidi Edmonds on parenting and climate activism

Heidi Edmonds is the mother of two young girls and lives in Brisbane, Queensland. She has a PhD in environmental science and is a freelance researcher and writer focused on climate resilience and solutions.. She is also co-founder of Australian Parents for Climate Action.

Rachel Forgasz on developing climate consciousness

Rachel Forgasz is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University in Melbourne where she teaches and writes about the influence of emotion, agency, and embodiment on teaching and learning. Her current research explores how to prepare teachers to work with young people in the context of global climate crisis. 

Naomi Kissiedu on teaching awareness

Naomi Kissiedu is married to an Australian, and has three beautiful multiracial children. Naomi wrote a series of Children’s books — The Colourful Life series — and their success led to a number of focus pieces on SBS World News and Al Jazerra’s The Stream and a Tedx talk: Are you the nanny?

Brigitte Kupfer on (r)evolutionary trust

Brigitte Kupfer has been engaged in cultural and social change projects since her teenage years in Germany. She has been a psychologist and psychotherapist and now co-creates intergenerational learning and healing spaces. As an advocate for de-schooling and peer mentoring networks she supports parents in their role as evolutionary transition leaders.

Robin Grille on connection is resilience

Robin Grille is a psychologist, parenting educator and international speaker. He is the author of Parenting for a Peaceful World, Heart to Heart Parenting, and the forthcoming Inner Child Journeys. Robin’s work is animated by his belief that humanity’s future is dependent on how we collectively relate to our children.

Anna Lidstone on creativity and innovation

Anna Lidstone is a Creativity and Innovation Consultant, working with organisations to facilitate ‘21st Century Thinking.’ She received her PhD from the University of Toronto and is certified in a wide range of innovation methodologies. She is also a professional writer. Anna is Australian/English/ Canadian, and currently lives in Brisbane.

Andrew Lines on responsibility parenting

Andrew Lines is a teacher and educational consultant whose programs and resources (The Rite Journey, The Rite Journey Parenting Plan, Habits of Heart, Man Made and Woman Wise) serve teachers, parents and communities by empowering them to self sufficiently and sustainably grow responsible, resilient, respectful and resourceful children and adolescents.

Phoebe Mwanza on activism and allyship

Phoebe Mwanza is Zambian-born and Zimbabwean-raised who is an Australian Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Consultant. She works as a lawyer, specifically in the area of human rights and anti-discrimination law. She is also the host of The Griot Podcast and a writer and speaker on social justice issues.

Nelly Thomas on why feelings can be wrong

Nelly Thomas was a popular stand-up comedian for 16 years but has now traded the stage for the quiet life as an author and media personality. She was listed as one of Australia’s “most innovative thinkers” in The Age newspaper and was featured on the ABC television’s Big Ideas: The Smartest Stuff.